DROMONE Products have a New Look!

Throughout 2020, DROMONE developed and launched a number of new innovative products for the agriculture and construction industries. Having developed such unique products, our marketing team felt the need for distinct and recognizable identities. We also decided to bring a new face to our established products, the Multi-Lock quick coupler and D80 Ball Hitch. The use of logos will help each of our products differentiate themselves within our product portfolio and the market at large.

DROMONE’s leading presence in both the agriculture and construction industries justifies the use of discrete symbols in logos to help differentiate and clearly represent the two business units. In the agriculture logo’s, we opted for a curving symbol to indicate coupling between the Dromone product and the attachment. In the construction logo’s, we chose a circular design to represent the coupler and locking of the quick coupler around attachment pins.

Take a look at our newly developed logo’s below. Click on the logo’s to learn more about each product.

HAL (Hitched & Locked)

D80 Ball Hitch

Multi-Lock Quick Coupler

ML:SMART Quick Coupler

Tilt Coupler