Designed with operator and site safety in mind where attachment changes are completed safely without leaving the cab.

Both front and rear attachment pins are independently mechanically locked through the full working cycle, both front and rear attachment pins are independently hydraulically released by the coupler.

Proven Safe & Reliable

The DROMONE Multi-Lock Automatic Coupler is a proven and innovative hydraulic quick coupler designed to provide our customers with unmatched performance and versatility, ease of service, and reliability with a proven product life cycle two times the industry standard. With its unique locking system, the DROMONE Multi-Lock is the highest standard for safety.

The Multi-Lock Automatic Coupler has a Sequential Cab Control System, where 3 stages are required to release the attachment, eliminating unintentional, accidental release. A hydraulic check valve is also fitted for double safety redundancy.

Proven Performance

Our Multi-Lock coupler is constructed using high strength steel and quality materials, resulting in consistent quality, durability and superior product performance. With the ideal balance between weight and pick-up range, the DROMONE Multi-Lock Automatic Coupler offers efficient weight and superior breakout force.

Proven Durability & Serviceability

The DROMONE Multi-Lock is the longest-operating auto dual locking coupler, delivering hour after hour, year after year. The coupler is validated through more than 10,000 hours of endurance testing.

Understanding that downtime yields lost profits, we made servicing your coupler as simple as possible with just 15 spare parts and 3 grease points.

Proven Strength & Versatility

  • 6.6 to 121.25 Ton Machine Capacity
  • Efficient Coupler Weight & Pick-Up Range
  • Superior Breakout Force
  • Increased Attachment Size Flexibility
  • Higher Asset Utilisation
  • Heavy-Duty Certified Lifting Eye 

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