Linkless Roller Hitch


Innovative Linkless Hydraulic Push Back Hitch where implement changes are made without leaving the cab of the tractor quickly and simple, increasing the productivity.

The Linkless Hitch lifts the implement independently of the tractor rocker arms / link arms, no link arm movement required to operate the hitch.

  • Low profile design giving maximum ground clearance
  • Tow Hook, Drawbar, 80mm Ball & Piton can be exchanged in minutes ensuring flexibility and productivity from your investment.
  • Increased load and speed capabilities giving you confidence on towing.
  • The tow hook can dig below ground level when implements have sunk into soft earth.
  • Hook clearly visible from cab, ensuring easy connectivity for the operator.
  • Patented latching and locking mechanism for maximum towing safety.
  • Cable release or hydraulic release options available.


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