Hydraulic Pick Up Hitch

The DROMONE Hydraulic Push Back Pick Up Hitch gives superior visibility of the hook and trailer ring from the cab.


The DROMONE Hydraulic Push Back Hitch dropdown and pick up function eliminates the need for manually lifting implements onto drawbars. The pick up hitch is designed for maximum safety with its patented latching and locking system.

Maximum Productivity

The hook, drawbar and 80mm ball can be exchanged within minutes, increasing your flexibility and productivity. The tow hook can, also, dig below ground level where implements have sunk into soft earth. The Hydraulic Push Back Hitch allows for increased load and speed capability which gives confidence when towing on the road.

Versatile Attachment

The Hydraulic Push Back Hitch is compatible with the DROMONE Ball & Spoon system for increased versatility. The pick up hitch is precision engineered giving perfect fit on all tractors and minimum installation times.

Maximum Ground Clearance

Low profile design gives maximum ground clearance.

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