NEW Hitched & Locked (HAL) Pick-Up Hitch System

The new DROMONE Hitched & Locked (HAL) Pick-Up Hitch System was launched at the Lamma 2020 Show on January 7th & 8th in the NEC Birmingham. 

The new Hitched & Locked Pick-Up Hitch system uses Smart Technology to provide confirmation to the operator that the attachment has been hitched safely and locked. Using integrated sensors and controls, audio and visual signals are sent to the cab of the tractor. The combination of sensors provides assurance that locking is secure and safe in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Some features of the NEW Hitched & Locked system include:

  • In-cab feedback system that protects against operator error
    • Never drive away with an unlocked pick-up hitch.
  • Robust, reliable system – Integrated design with high quality, IP69k rated sensors.
  • Meets and exceeds relevant standards and legislation including UN R147.
  • Additional optional feature of a push button release mechanism as opposed to pulling a cable/lever
    • Improved ergonomics in the cab and easier to use system for the operator.