Ball & Spoon System referred to as a “Lifetime Job”

Barry White from Whites Agri Services LTD based in North Dublin recently gave our Ball & Spoon system some praise and recognition. The system was designed with operator safety in mind and allows for fully automatic coupling from the cab of the tractor with no need to leave the cab during coupling/ uncoupling. When asked what he thought of the Dromone system he said he liked it so much that he specified the system when he purchased new trailers and that he will “definitely be retrofitting them to a lot more of our implements in the future”.

The system eliminates the risk of worn tow rings escaping from under the keeper plate, giving users peace of mind. Barry White specifically stated that the system is “a lot safer on the road, a lot safer tipping trailers, much less maintenance required. Once you keep greasing it its basically a lifetime job”.

The Ball & Spoon eliminates shunting and rattling noises, offering users the quietest towing experience. Barry White said when his 65kph tractors break, there is a lot “less shunting on the road”. He also specified that the system is very simple to go back to the original drawbar.

“With other hitches we have used after a season or two a lot of wear had occurred and we had to replace them; but with this system there is no more replacing; it should be a life-time job” said Barry.

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