DROMONE Participates in Another Year of Engineers Ireland’s STEPS Programme

Engineers Ireland is the official representative voice of the engineering profession in Ireland. The STEPS Programme was introduced by them in the year 2000 as an attempt to encourage primary and post-primary school students to consider science and engineering as a career in the future. It is fully supported by the Department of Education, Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme and a range of engineering employers, including DROMONE Engineering. The goals of the programme are to promote a positive attitude towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics while also introducing the relevance that science, technology, engineering and mathematics have in industries and our day-to-day lives. The programme also helps to promote the contribution that engineering has on society and highlight the opportunities that an engineering profession offers to individuals.

DROMONE is an Engineers Ireland CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Employer. The development of our people is critical in developing leading edge technology and securing business with Blue Chip customers around the globe.

Every year, our engineers engage in the STEPS Programme. This years Engineers Week saw the biggest audience of students gather in the Solstice Theatre, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. The stage was set for a showing of the ‘DREAM BIG’ movie followed by a conversation of encouragement for approximately 400 Transition Year secondary school students from all over Co. Meath. They came to see, they saw and they questioned and questioned they did. The ‘DREAM BIG’ movie certainly stimulated and generated an air of excitement that was very evident in the type of conversation that followed. It got the students thinking. It helped dissolve barriers from that of the stereotype thinking where engineering is as much for the girls as it is for the boys. ”Don’t let stereotyping cloud your confidence and hinder your progression. Don’t follow the crowd! Be yourself and nurture that seed of creativity or problem solving that’s in you. Encourage it and watch it grow. Enjoy the learning journey while that seed grows and reap the rewards of an effort one day where you are credited with work that you can call your own – you are the engineer. You got there!”.

Encouraging words to that effect that left a young audience with something to think about on their way home having made the effort to visit Navan, Co. Meath that morning. They made the effort and so did we giving them an engineering world to think about as they ventured onwards contemplating a big decision in their young lives; food for thought as some would say.

Meanwhile both Robinstown and Moylagh National Schools, Co. Meath had the pleasure of meeting with our Quality Engineer, Kiera Barrett, and our Design Engineer, Padraig McCormack. A showing of ‘DREAM BIG’ was also screened to the children a week before the DROMONE visit. Again, the film stimulated the young audience and when asked on both occasions; what does an engineer look like? The answer was; – It could be anyone. Fantastic! – Correct and right!

DROMONE Design Engineer, Tom King, photographed at Engineers Week.
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