DROMONE Volunteers for SOSAD Men’s Soup Kitchen & Wellness Event

Two volunteers from DROMONE, Patrick Briody and Padraig McCormack, took part in the SOSAD Men’s Soup Kitchen & Wellness Event yesterday afternoon in Millbrook Foods, Oldcastle, Co. Meath. SOSAD is a charity aimed at increasing the awareness of suicide throughout Ireland. DROMONE was approached by the charity coordinator a few weeks prior, and we were more than happy to lend a helping hand.

The event occurred in Millbrook Foods from 12:30- 14:30pm on Wednesday 5th April, and saw many of DROMONE’s employees heading down for a cup of soup to give their support for the worthy cause. It was a huge success, raising over 600euro within the 2 hours.

Our volunteers were praised by Millbrook Foods employees, stating they had ”never seen soup or tea and coffee poured with such perfection”.

SOSAD Men's Soup Kitchen & Wellness Event
Padraig McCormack (left) pouring the coffee, and Patrick Briody (right) pouring the soup.


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