Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme 2017

The STEPS Programme was introduced by Engineers Ireland in 2000 to entice and encourage primary and post-primary school students to consider a science and engineering career path. Engineers Ireland is the official representative voice of the engineering profession in Ireland. The programme is supported by the Department of Education, Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme and a range of engineering employers, including us, DROMONE Engineering. The overall goals of the programme is to encourage a positive attitude towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics, introduce the relevance science, technology, engineering & mathematics has in industries and every day life, promote the role and contribution engineering has on society, and highlight the advantages and opportunities an engineering profession offers.

DROMONE is an Engineers Ireland CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Employer. The development of our people is critical in developing leading edge technology and securing business with Blue Chip customers around the world.

Each year a number of our engineers engage in the STEPS Programme. Fiach National School Ballincree, Kilmainhamwood National School, Kilnaleck National School and Dunderry National School were all on the agenda for this year’s Engineers Ireland STEPS conducted earlier this year. The objective of the programme is to entice and encourage children to consider an engineering career path; open their eyes. It’s a conversation with little people where the breakdown is at a level a child can understand and enjoy.

The programme saw many of our design and process engineers step up and set aside some time and effort preparing various presentations for the school visits. We chartered new waters this year where Fiach, Kilmainhamwood and Kilnaleck were new destinations for us. Our engineers did an excellent job and made a huge impact on the children, which was commented upon a number of days later by the teachers.

The STEPS Programme gets stronger each year where it is a conversation of encouragement for a young audience, a sign post at a crossroads where even if there is no interest in engineering, there is something for all children. Our team of engineers most definitely knocked as much fun out of the experience as the audience they delivered it to. We look forward to STEPS 2018.

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