Road Safety Awareness

Road Safety education plays a significant role in shaping the attitudes and behaviours of young people. It is important to start this process of learning from a young age, so they will become safe and responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians whether on the road or in the field. On Wednesday 26th April, a DROMONE employee and chairman of the Co. Cavan Motor Club , Stephen Kellett, took part in the Road Safety Awareness with the Gardaí Siochana. This event was aimed at promoting road safety culture throughout learner and novice drivers.

The Cavan Motor Club presented alongside a number of emergency representatives for 170 transition year students across a range of schools in Co. Cavan. Stephen gave an excellent presentation about motor sport and event safety, and the work that goes into ensuring a safe and successful rally. They gave information on the safety procedures that are put in place during the running of any Motorsport event in Ireland. The students were also provided with information about the safety features that go into a rally car to protect the crew, the safety equipment used by crew members at the event, and the difference between the safety and handling performance of a professionally prepared rally car and a standard car. The event was a success and had a huge impact on the teenagers. Congratulations to Stephen and all of the members in the Cavan Motor Club.

Nowadays, we are seeing an increasing amount of accidents not only on the road, but in the field and on construction sites. In Ireland, there has been over 72 fatal road collisions reported since January 2017, and a significantly large amount of accidents in the field. It is important that measures are taken to educate the youth on the importance of road safety and their responsibility to ensure the safety of others.

Stephen Kellett alongside members of the Cavan Motor Club, an Gardaí Siochana and Emergency Service representatives.
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