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Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing has evolved into a technology that is used as an innovative way for manufacturing. AM is a permitting technology that is capable of producing complex models in small lead times for high value products. Nevertheless, like any other new technology there are risks and unknowns if trying to introduce into a High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) environment.
Irish Manufacturing Research is investing into the creation of a state of the art Additive Manufacturing facility to help the manufacturing industry in Ireland explore the advantages of these emerging AM technologies in a de risked environment. For more information about IMR click here.

From Dromone’s point of view, we see it as a basic building block of our Innovation and CPD ethos, that we immerse ourselves in emerging technologies and explore the opportunities arising from them, and the chance to collaborate with the IMR along with a number of likeminded local SMR’s while doing so was one not to be wasted. In December last, as part of our introduction to the IMR and to AM technology, we took the opportunity to visit as a technical group and had a very informative and interesting discussion and tour of the facility.

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