Stay at Home & Colour with DROMONE

At DROMONE we understand that this global pandemic is a difficult and challenging time for all, especially for those out of work or working from home with a family of kids. Therefore, the DROMONE team want to encourage you and your kids to stay at home and complete your most creative pieces with our colouring pages!

In the links listed below we have provided a number of downloadable colouring pages that you and your kids can print and create. Each colouring page includes a DROMONE agriculture or construction product along with a Covid 19 caption to remind the creator of the importance of staying at home and following social distancing guidelines during this crisis.

Please send us your completed colourful pieces via our social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram or send us an email including details such as your name, age, school (if any) and country.. We would love to share them (with your approval of course)!

We look forward to seeing lots of colourful entries and we hope that you and your kids have lots of fun completing them while we stay at home! Get colouring!

Colouring Pages:

(1). Multi-Lock Quick CouplerDownload colouring page here.

Multi-Lock Coupler

(2). ML:SMART Quick CouplerDownload colouring page here.

(3). ML:SMART Quick CouplerDownload colouring page here.

(4). Tractor Pick-Up HitchDownload colouring page here.

(5). Ball & Spoon Coupling SystemDownload colouring page here.

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